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this is a site I conceived, designed and implemented, for collectors and players looking for other people to trade cards with. The system automatically finds those users whose have-list and wish-list overlap, and let them contact each other. There is a spanish version located at

this is a site I conceived, designed and implemented, based on a new idea for the use of the web in the field of literature. Hypernovels are complex works of art in which multiple story lines criss-cross each other defining a multi-dimensional world that the reader can explore taking her own path through it. This database-driven site gets customized to each user and allows their interaction and their contribution of content.


this is a biologically precise neural network designer and simulator for the Windows platform. I conceived, designed, and developed this fully object-oriented application as part of my post-graduate studies, and as a way to learn C++.


this is a puzzle game for Windows that I developed on my spare time some years ago as another exercise on C++ and OOT. It is available here as freeware for everybody to have fun while using their brains.

Message in a bottle

This is a small, self-managed site where visitors can fish bottles from the web ocean and read messages someone else put in them. They can also write their own messages, put them in a bottle, and throw it to the sea for other unknown visitors to pick up and read. It's just an exercise on random exchange of messages.


here I hope you will find time to drop me a line and let me know whatever you think about my site.


here I keep a list of some of the web addresses that I find most useful as a web developer. I have a bias towards standards, as they can save so much time for everybody.