Presenting NeuroWork for Windows

A Neural Network Designer and Simulator.

Create your own intelligent nets!
This sophisticated software is now available for FREE, so that anyone can explore and benefit from the potentials of neural networks.
This is a biologically oriented neural network simulator, using a very realistic cellular model that allows for the emulation of real neurons. It has been used to test scientific hypotheses about the mechanisms producing certain animal behaviours (e.g. see ref.).
It is therefore also a good tool to teach and to learn about the biological underpinnings of the neurological processes.

Click here if you want to see a screen shot of the working application.

Or download it immediately and start playing with it and learning at the same time.
[528 Kb]

Once you've downloaded the zipped file, use the pkunzip utility, or WinZip, to unzip it into a new directory. Then, run the setup program and follow the instructions.

The program comes with inline, context-sensitive help, and with three example networks showing interesting basic behaviours.

If you have any comments about this software, please let us know.

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1994 C. Zamora-Ramos and G.J. Goodhill. "A neural computation: spatial to temporal transformation" In: Information Processing Underlying Gaze Control, Elsevier Science, Ltd.. Chapter 13.

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